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How to Restore Deleted Call Logs from Samsung Galaxy S9

Generally speaking, call logs are recorded and stored in internal memory before deleted. Even though call history is removed from your Samsung Galaxy phone, it actually still exists in somewhere in the internal storage being invisible and inaccessible instead. Therefore, if you want your lost data back, I'd suggest you not to use your Samsung until your get them back. However, if you create new contacts for those call logs, you'll have no chance to get it back.

It happens a lot that we forget to save an old friend number after he/she calls. And later when needed, the call log may be gone. Well, at least that was common for me. I liked flashing new ROM every now and then. And call history was one of the items that I always forgot to backup. But, now we can easily do that with the help of a superior data recovery program - Android Data Recovery.

As its name, this software, Android Data Recovery, is a tool that allows you to access Samsung call history even when it's deleted, help to easily restore deleted call history from Samsung Galaxy S9 without backup, including the missed calls, incoming calls, outgoing calls. The kinds of recoverable data include, of course, call history, contacts, messages, photos, videos, documents and more files. Android Data Recovery empowers to restore deleted Android data after losing it due to any curses, such as, deleted accidentally, factory reset restoring, Android system Room.

1) Android Data Recovery can not restore files that are overwritten by new ones. And because of that, you should stop using the phone immediately once accidental deletion takes place.
2) Please charge you phone to make sure that there is still 20% or more battery power left.

How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages from Samsung Galaxy S9

"Some of my WhatsApp conversations are gone from my Galaxy S9 because of a wrong tapping on the delete button. I've heard that if I uninstall it, I'll be able to restore lost WhatsApp data from Samsung. But I am not sure, I am afraid I'll lose other data. Can anyone offer some suggestions?" In fact, there is no need to uninstall your WhatsApp Messenger so as to restore your WhatsApp data. There is the another better way to solve the problem. You can complete the task with the help of Android Data Recovery.
Main Causes of Loss WhatsApp Data on Samsung Phone:
- Accidentally deleting due to mishandling of the phone;
- Android software update can cause loss of WhatsApp data on your phone;
- When you format your phone;
- When your phone get virus attacked.
- Others.

Android Data Recovery is designed for recovering all kinds of files from Android phone, including WhatsApp data, contacts, SMS, photos, videos, documents and more. The latest version of this program now supports retrieving deleted WhatsApp data from Samsung Galaxy S9, including chat text, video messages and WhatsApp pictures. Even if you have no backups, you can restore the WhatsApp chat history without making any effort with this program. Almost all Samsung models are supported, like Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6, Note 9/8/5/4/3, etc,.

Steps to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages from Samsung Galaxy S9
Step 1. Run Program and Connect Device
Step 2. Select WhatsApp Files to Scan
Step 3. Scan Samsung Data

The Best Way to Restore Deleted SMS from Samsung Galaxy S9

Losing important data is frustrating. However, it's common among mobile users. Why would it happen? All the situations comes to be divided into the following three categories. 

1. Accidental Deletion: In most cases, phone users deleted their messages carelessly or without knowing that they are going to need the data someday, or even, data loss occurs unconsciously (System Upgrade or Rooting).

2. Factory Reset: Some forgot to backup their SMS before resetting the phone. Or, users boot Samsung to download mode and restore device to factory settings for solving system issue. What's worse, system failures often come without noticing, so most users who don't have the habit of saving copies will lose important SMS.

3. Phone Crash: That must be the worst case that could happen to users. However, once it does it always comes out of expectation, and you'd better get ready to this misery.

Note that once you lose data like SMS on Samsung phone, whatever it's Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S7, STOP USING your device in case that the deleted content be overwritten. 

We want to suggest Android Data Recovery for you, to recover deleted messages from Samsung Galaxy S9. Android Data Recovery supports over 2000 Android device models. This innovative software can be used to recover deleted data on Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony, Asus and many other brands of Android. It works well for recovering several types of deleted Android, such as, text messages, contacts, photos, videos, documents, WhatsApp messages, documents and more.

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How to Get Back Lost Phone Number from Samsung Galaxy S9

Contact is the basic connection in social cycle. The more sociable you are, the more contacts will be stored in your smart phone, like Samsung Galaxy S5/S6/S7/S8/S9. However,it may be make you crazy when your contacts lost on phone but have no a backup with Google account. Get overwhelmed? If you'd check out this guide, you'd certainly have no such worries. 

Contacts is one of the most important data stored on our mobile phones, which help us to communicate with other people easily. However, contacts can be lost frequently due to various situations, such as accidental deleting, factory resetting, system corrupted or device damage. This guide aims to use Samsung Galaxy S9 as an example, to show you how to recover lost contacts on Samsung phone and other Android mobile phones with one click.

Actually, deleted data are not erased permanently from device. Why? Whether you store contacts in external memory or internal memory, deleted content are still there somewhere but invisible and inaccessible until new data are writing in your device. Therefore, it's actually possible to restore your deleted contacts before being overwritten. Also, if data loss happens, you must stop using your Samsung device to add new files, like making a call, taking photos, sending messages and more. 

Let's find a recovery tool that can do this efficiently. Then, Android Data Recovery is the one you are looking for. Android Data Recovery can recover lost contacts from Samsung Galaxy S9 and other Android models without a backup file. All the details - company, job title, email address, are included. The intuitive interface is easy to handle. In addition, this program is capable of recovering other kinds of data on Android, like text messages, photos, videos, call logs, WhatsApp data, documents, etc,. Supports to all data loss circumstances, including deleted accidentally, Android system Room, factory reset restoring, virus attacked.

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Lost Photos on Samsung Galaxy S9, How to Fix

"I mistakenly deleted some photos which were saved in the internal memory of my Samsung Galaxy S9. I tried several data recovery tools but all the recovery software do not recognize it as a drive but as a media player. I can't access the Samsung internal memory at all. What else could I do? Any special recovery software out there?"

First of all, you need to know that the internal memory of a mobile phone doesn't like the external memory, which can be mount as a drive. The internal memory is used to store photos, contacts, text messages and other data, which is one of the most important parts of any mobile phone, including the most popular Android Samsung phones like Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6/S5/S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 5/4/3, etc,. Unfortunately, you delete important photos in your Samsung internal memory by accident and what's worse, you forgot to backup these files in your computer before. You can stop being worry about that, here is the right solution for you - professional Samsung Data Recovery software is coming to help you retrieve all the files back. Notes: You should backup Samsung phone frequently to avoid losing data carelessly.

You can easily restore deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S9 by using Samsung Data Recovery, which also called Android Data Recovery, which is specially designed for Android users to undelete data, files and folders from Android internal memory, including photos, videos, text messages, SMS, contacts and more. For this topic, it can be devoted to the data recovery for Samsung mobile phones' internal memory, no matter how you get your precious Samsung photos or something others lost. As a powerful and reliable Android data recovery program, it gains lots of feedback from our customers owning to its fast and safe scanning and efficient recovery.

How to Recover Lost Files on Samsung Galaxy S9

Have you lost data on your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+? Here you can find the best Samsung data recovery method to get all your lost contacts, photos/pictures, videos, contacts and more files back.

Causes of Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Data loss
Here are some common situations that lead to Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ data loss. Check if you are confronted with any of them.

-Accidental deletion(like DCIM folder deletion) is one of the major causes that cause data loss from Samsung;
-Factory reset is another major cause. It will removes the entire data stored within your Samsung;
-The virus attack will make you lose your data from Samsung;
-Interruption while transferring files from your Samsung to computer or vice versa may result in data loss on your phone. Interruption computer shutdown, phone shutdown and so on.
-More situations.

Well, in any of the above mentioned scenarios you will suffer from data loss. Is there any way to recover the lost data? Sure, Here is a powerful Samsung data recovery software called Android Data Recovery which can recover lost data on Samsung Galaxy S9, including photos/pictures, videos, messages, contacts, documents and so on. It's such a powerful data recovery tool help to get back all kinds of lost data on most of Android models, like Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, Huawei, Google Pixel, and so on.

Step 1. Run Program and Connect Device
Step 2. Select File to Scan
Step 3. Scan Samsung Data

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How to Restore Deleted Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy S7/S6

We delete the unwanted text messages on our Samsung mobiles from time to time.By deleting them,we can clear up our storage and free up space for other important data or applications on our Samsung device.However we might delete some important text messages by mistake.Is there anyway to get back the deleted text messages from Samsung Galaxy, like Galaxy S6,S7?

In this guide,we will introduce you the best and most trustworthy tool which can help you restore the formatted or missing data on your Samsung device.We will be using Samsung mobile phone in the example to show you how to recover delete text messages from Samsung,it applies to not only Samsung smartphone but also LG phone,HTC smartphones,Motorola, Nexus, Lenovo, ZTE, Huawei, and more mobile phones,Android tablets and many other cell phones that are running on Android OS system.

Honestly there are a few Android data recovery program can do this.Android Data Recovery it is powerful enough to recover deleted SMS from Samsung Galaxy phone,besides SMS,this program allow to recover other kinds of deleted data from Samsung,like photos,videos,contacts,call history,audio files,documents,etc,.Almost all models of Samsung are supported by this program,including Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5,Note 7/5/4/3.

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How to Recover Deleted SMS from Samsung Galaxy 

Step 1.Run the Android Data Recovery on Computer and Connect Samsung with Computer
After downloading the program,install and run it on your computer.Then you will see it's primary window to ask you to connect your Samsung device to PC via USB cable.

Step 2.Enable USB debugging on Samsung Phone
When your phone is connected with computer,the program will prompt you to enable USB debugging on Samsung.Then click "Next" to going on.

After that,you will be asked to select the type of data that you want,choose "Messaging" only if you just wanna restore deleted Samsung SMS.Then click "Next" button to enter the next step.

Step 3.Begin Analyzing and Scanning on Samsung
There is a superuser request poping up on the screen of your device,now you should back to your Samsung and click "Allow" to enable it.

Note:Please make sure that the battery on your device is more than 20%.

Step 4.Preview and Restore Deleted SMS from Samsung Galaxy
In the last step,the data you are allow to recover are all list in the scan result, you can not only recover deleted SMS from Samsung,but also retrieve contacts,photos and videos.If you just need to recover deleted SMS on device,mark "Messaging" only and then click "Recover" to save the selected SMS to your computer.

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